Nigeria, Tops Countries with Increased Wallet Creations

After several months of increased crypto activities, Nigeria was named as the country with the highest upsurge mark in crypto wallet creation, recording 60% since April.

In a news report confirmed by, the said country is the major contributor of the users worldwide who have engaged in the blockchain entry. Further news said that an aggregated 52 million unique creations had been recorded from various countries.

The said ranking of Nigeria has confirmed various efforts the country has fared in recent times.

According to a published Google data, the country also noted the most number of interested people to join or are purely curious about Blockchain.

Last July, Nigerian media reported that the Ministry of Justice had nominated before the National Assembly the bills that will provide the legal framework for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The Attorney General, Abubakar Malami said that “the expected bills will prepare Nigeria for emerging realities relating to digital cash, bitcoin, and e-currency

In addition to this, the nation has also led sub-Saharan Africa in peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin trading albeit being laden with crypto hacks and schemes.

Also, the three other countries that were one of the few in the world to gain the most significant leap in crypto wallet creation are India, Peru, and Indonesia.

In an official statement, mentioned that “In July we saw several countries increase their fraction of total Blockchain wallet transactions, most notably Peru, India, and Indonesia

They also noted that “other countries that made the top 10 list of increased transactions are Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Japan, the Philippines, Venezuela, Bangladesh, and Bulgaria.”

Notably, Japan has ranked anew in the top 10, while Hong Kong and Morocco did not move an inch in the past two months.

Meanwhile, while these countries are seen to be growing, a few have decreased its wallet creation.

Among the countries with a reduction in Blockchain wallet activity are Denmark, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Morocco, Hong Kong, Kenya, Moldova, Brazil, Vietnam, and the United Arab Emirates.

Last month, Nigerian media reported that the Ministry of Justice had tabled before the

Meanwhile, India ranked second on Blockchain’s list of increased wallet creation despite the absence of crypto regulation and the threat lurking around that the government might ban blockchain technology.

Local lawyer Mohammed Danish opined that the “Supreme Court judgment had helped big time in increasing the curiosity around crypto.”

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