Passport Bitcoin Wallet Introduced by Foundation Devices

A new hardware service provider has come to town.

This was announced by Foundation Devices, a Boston-based company in a statement released.

Dubbed as its new Passport Hardware Wallet, the item being launched is an air-tight device that gives a camera for scanning QR codes, keypad, open-source software, and a screen with circuity marked on its glass.

The features are to ensure the most secure solution for newbies out there.

According to its CEO Zach Herbert, hardware wallets are the most established consumer hardware market in the Bitcoin space, with an assortment of companies competing for market share.

Talking about the security aspect, the most noticeable feature is the Passport’s total lack of USB or wireless communication, lessening the attack vectors through which malicious actors might try and get on hold with the device.

Nowadays, data breaches the wallet is are getting tiny holes to get into a built-in camera or thru microSD card.

With this, Passport in the same family as the Cobo Vault, which is also air-gapped.

In terms of functionality, the Passport does not require a 12- or 24-word recovery seed maintenance should they need to recover wallets.

Instead, Foundation keeps the recovery seed on a microSD card and encrypts this with a password.

With this, users can more easily recapture their bitcoin, with as easy as inserting the card and entering the password, but this is still secure. An attacker would need to access both the map and the password to breach data or steal funds.

Hebert also added that the recovery sees it is a concept that would require them hard work, especially for incoming users of Bitcoiners. He firmly added that these features would give them more security and function.

He further told us to watch out for subsequent development in their product coming next is full Bitcoin node that’s elegant, easy to use, and more functional than existing offerings.

With this development capping the domestic manufacturing, Foundation Devices is poised to maintain tighter reign over its supply chain, but this makes it somewhat unique in the hardware wallet space.

As an ending note, Herbert defined terms for new wallet users as Multisig users may want to protect against supply chain risk by buying hardware wallets made in other geographic locations

The company is giving out the first 1,000 unit run of Passport wallets for reserve on its online platform. Pre-order for the holiday season release will be this August.

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