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President Biden Ordered A ‘Deep Dive’ On Cyber Attack Incident

A ransomware attack last weekend has sparked a federal investigation.

Biden remarked on the ordered investigation during a public appearance on Friday. Reuters reported Friday that hackers exploited the systems of a Florida-based IT firm to hit several businesses worldwide with ransomware. As claimed by BBC, the affected firms were a Swedish supermarket chain, forcing the closure of hundreds of stores.

Nearly half the 37,000 consumers were victimized – but 70 percent of those were “managed service providers” who use Kaseya’s software to many others. After an evaluation, he believes that thousands were impacted.

Despite the fact that authorities consider the attack started from a group with ties to Russia, President Biden announced Saturday it wasn’t yet clear if that was the case. He assured reporters he’d ordered a “deep dive” by intelligence into the breach.


Biden stated that officials “were not certain” about the source of the attack, per reports of his remarks.

“The initial thinking was it was not the Russian government but we’re not sure yet,” he was cited as declaring.

Biden concerned on increasing cyber attacks

Officials in the White House and beyond have spent the past month or more signaling a more serious stance on ransomware attacks, including a stated push for increased analysis of cryptocurrency networks to trace payments. 

In early June, federal officials revealed that they had recovered some of the funds paid out; after following an attack on the U.S.-based energy firm Colonial Pipeline. Colonial had paid out 75 BTC following an attack a month earlier.

The White House encouraged businesses to report if they believed they’d been compromised on the CISA Crime Complaint Center.

Kaseya stated it utilized a detection tool to almost 900 customers and was working to repair and restore service, noting it believed it identified how the attack happened.

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