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Prominent Call Of Duty Player Joins NFT Madness

  • Call of Duty gamer introduces NFT into the community of FPS gaming.
  • NFT will change the era of the gaming industry.
  • Diamongcon NFT will be the first in the COD universe

Diamondcon is one of the best Call of Duty (COD) league players worldwide and part of the Subliners eSports team.

Furthermore, he is the first-ever expert eSports player who introduces a non-fungible token (NFT) into the growing community of FPS gaming.

Additionally, he built an impressive number of followers on Twitch and Twitter. Similarly, his fans will soon be able to buy an NFT of Diamondcon and claim bragging rights to that 200 IQ game clip.

One of the most prominent Call Of Duty player, Diamondcon

Also, numerous players spend loads of cash on skin game passes and in-game purchases. However, they never owned any of them. Now NFT will break the era of the gaming industry. Previously, no one knew about NFTs a year ago, but now it’s the latest craze. Best of all, spending money on gaming will no longer be a bad investment.

What is more, the gaming industry will now become a promising career. Imagine how much NFT of your favorite COD player will be worth in a few years. Notably, Diamondcon NFT will be the first in the COD universe.

On the other hand, last year, SBI Holding announced the partnership between SBI eSports with VC Trade Co. Limited. Also, SBI eSports explained that its partnership would expand its portfolio in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Alongside the spontaneous support that SBI VC Trade provides, SBI eSports intends to build and offer a great team that fans will love and attracts the world’s attention to follow this new sports competition.

Based on the innovations mentioned earlier by both parties, SBI eSports aims to be a curated financial hub in the eSports industry, not only to Japan but also to the world.

Also, SBI VC Trade will prioritize issuing a cold wallet, an anonymous and highly privacy-oriented digital wallet, and a mobile app to improve customer convenience. After that, it will launch the Cool X Wallet and VC TRADE SP.

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