Putin’s daughter died after taking a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine – Fact or Fake News?

Around Mid-August 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his country had approved a vaccine for COVID-19, and that the country would start administering it to the public in the coming weeks.

While Putin declared that the vaccine was safe — even noting that his daughter had taken it — news of this vaccine was met with shock by some in the scientific community who believed that Russia might have cut corners to rush the manufacture of this vaccine.

In the days after the annoucement, social media was overwhelmed with hot takes and fake news. A video supposedly showing Putin’s daughter taking the vaccine, for instance, actually showed a volunteer unrelated to the Russian president:

On Aug. 15, another unverified claim about Putin’s daughter started to circulate on social media. The website published an article claiming that Putin’s daughter had died after taking her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine:

Vladimir Putin’s daughter DIES after the second dose of COVID vaccine

Vladimir Putin’s daughter suffered unexpected side effects to the experimental Russian COVID vaccine and has passed away in Moscow. The Kremlin has yet to make a statement on her death. A source within Russia’s inner circle stated that Putin’s daughter – Katerina Tikhonova – suffered a rise in temperature shortly after her second injection and then suffered a seizure. Doctors could not reverse the side-effects of the vaccine, and she was pronounced dead late yesterday evening.

This is definitely a suspicious claim from the article.

For starters, this news did not originate with a report from the Kremlin, a statement from Putin, or factual reporting by credible news outlets. It originated with a website that was created just a few weeks before this article was published. 

Furthermore, the “evidence” provided by this website to support the claim isn’t credible. offers two sources for this claim.

The first, an unnamed “source within Russia’s inner circle,” which provides practically no details about the incident. And second, a “Tarot card reading” YouTube video.

The tarot card video has since been deleted. Still, an archived version shows that this video was accompanied by a disclaimer noting that “Tarot Reading is subject to interpretation and should not be taken as absolute,” and that the information in these videos “may or may not be accurate.” 

There isn’t much accurate information about Putin’s daughter and her alleged experience with a COVID-19 vaccine. As of this writing, all we know is what the Russian president said during a news conference.

Putin claimed that his daughter took the vaccine, that she had a slight fever, and that she is now “feeling well and has a high number of antibodies.” Neither the Kremlin nor Putin nor any credible news agencies have reported that Putin’s daughter died from this vaccine. 

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