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Ransomware Attacks on Korean and Japanese Giants

South Korea’s electronics major manufacturer LG, and Japan’s multinational car giant, Mitsubishi, were the youngest victims of hackers.

Reports told that two gangs attacked the aforementioned brands and threatened them to leak a massive data source.

Here’s a sample of the screenshot posted by the hackers using LG website:

As of the moment, there is no confirmation from the company about this incident.

However, the ransomware gang released a statement that they have managed to snip an estimated 40GB of manufacturer’s

source codes.

In a recent interview by Brett Callow, who is also a threat analyst and ransomware consultant at malware lab Emsisoft, does not really bring much burden at all since the statement was unclear and doubting the source codes could be one of the phones only.

In the case of Mitsubishi, there were several groups who have already breached their systems, especially in their white paper department.

Then, the gang issued warning that they still have more data to leak in the future.

Callow recalled that this has stopped when the company paid $25 billion ransom demands.

He expects that this will increase in this year’s fraud keeping the criminals motivated and upping their ante in terms of operations.

Mitsubishi has still yet to issue formal communications about this fraud attack.

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