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Renrenbit CEO Brought In for Questioning

Chinese news sources have announced that Zhao Dong, the head of over-the-counter (OTC) and crypto loaning firm RenrenBit and a well-known Bitfinex speculator has been brought in to be questioned by the police.

As per a report from news source BlockBeats and Chainnews, “gossip tidbits” are coursing in online networks about Zhao Dong, with numerous individuals guaranteeing he has been taken into a police headquarters in Hangzhou, in Zhejiang Province. Nonetheless, different reports appear to guarantee he is in certainty being interrogated by cops in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province.

The news sources quote RenrenBit’s head of showcasing as expressing nothing has all the earmarks of being out of order and that “all of [the company’s] staff have turned up for a fill-in obviously” on July 2.

The media reports likewise state that gossip has it the police are not researching any expected bad behaviors concerning RenrenBit – rather they are progressively intrigued by Zhao Dong’s private exercises. Some internet based life clients have guaranteed the case relates to an “unlawful crypto exchanging activity.”

As recently announced, Zhao Dong is one of China’s most popular OTC brokers. As per past reports, his blockchain speculation firm DGroup was additionally referenced among the investors of the Bitfinex trade.

Zhao Dong is mostly liable for assembling the USD 1 billion Bitfinex LEO Token (LEO) starting trade offering (IEO), with some asserting that the CEO’s “clout and system helped Bitfinex win back Chinese brokers.”

China-based Sino Global Capital boss Matthew Graham took to Twitter to call attention to that it “appears to be affirmed” that the RenrenBit CEO has without a doubt been brought in to be interrogated.

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