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Skymarch Gaming launches 3 NFT Games

Skymarch Gaming Studio and Enjin will launch three games and come about by integrating Non-Fungible Tokens.

The entertainment gaming company Skymarch Gaming Studio will partner with Enjin and will release three games created through Ethereum based NFT.

Demos are now available for the public. Skymarch’s core team has gathered 30 years of gaming experience that work at great gigs like Ubisoft, Disney, Riot Games, and Electronic Arts.

The deal has also ensured that Skymarch will participate in Enjins multiverse, enabling the gamers to use the same items in the three games.

Enjin’s Multiverse

The Enjin Multiverse is a collaborative platform of developers from multiple sites and genres that build a closely linked gaming network. The aim is to give the players several items that can be used in different games.

Enjin also partnered with Binance US on a more exclusive limited edition of their multiverse NFT with items that can be used across five games.

The collaboration level allowed the developers to promote their games and authorize players by giving them the capacity to transfer items between games. Because of NFT, gamers can now be a part of an energetic world where things can be traded across different marketplaces.

Working in Progress

The three games by Skymarch are now towards the final stage of their development. Skymarch CEO Jonathan McKay stated that it was about creating an immersive gaming experience that players can enjoy.

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