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Square VS The “Bitcoin Creator”

Craig Wright had been asking companies like Square to halt the hosting of the Bitcoin white paper citing a copyright claim.

Last month, the lawyers that claim to represent Craig Wright – the Australian computer scientist who claims he invented Bitcoin – threatened to sue the digital payments company Square for hosting the Bitcoin white paper on its site.

Now that the white paper is still up, Square has responded with a message of its own: “we don’t care who invented Bitcoin.”

The white paper was authored in October 2008 by someone (or a group of people) under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto; in 2015, Craig Wright began claiming that he was Satoshi, and he had invented Bitcoin with his late friend, Dave Kleiman.

Hosting the whitepaper has been like a symbolic gesture among Bitcoin advocates and devotees – the government of Estonia hosts it, as also Patrick McHenry.

In a letter to Square, the law firm Ontier LLP, which claims it represents Wright, wrote that “Dr. Wright has decided that it is time to enforce his copyright in the White Paper.”

Ontier uses the Dr. prefix since Wright purports to have received a doctorate in computer science from Charles Sturt University; Forbes had reported that the university stated that it never gave him a Ph.D.

Ontier gave Square a deadline of two weeks to answer the copyright claim, which expired yesterday.

Now, a copyright-busting organization called COPA (Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance), which was created by Square back in September, had written an answer to Ontier on the company’s behalf.

The letter asks for more information that surrounds Wright’s accusation, and comes along with a short tweet from Square’s cryptocurrency arm:

The letter also provided an email address for future correspondence between Ontier and Square; Ontier sent the letter as a Twitter DM since it “did not have other contact details” for the company.

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