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Steve Jobs statue won’t be alone anymore – Guess who will this be?

A sculpture for Satoshi Nakamoto is set to emerge in Budapest, Hungary, as part of a social initiative by the Hungarian crypto advocates to increase consciousness about Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain technology.

Steve Jobs statue will be joined by Satoshi Nakamoto. The plan began with the editor of the Hungarian crypto website Kripto Akadémia, András Györfi. The project team also involves the founder of Blockchain Budapest, Imre Szilágyi. The association will also include the leading blockchain and crypto conference in Hungary, Gabi Debreczeni-Raskó, and Barnabás Debreczeni from Mr. Coin; not to mention the first crypto exchange in Hungary, András from Kripto Akadémia and President of the Blockchain Hungary Association, Kornél Kalocsai.

As per their plan, the sculptors will create the overall human-height statue out of aluminum bronze. The sculptors who will make the sculpture are Réka Gergely and Tamás Gilly. They will create a “general human figure” without different sexuality, including distinctive nose and lips. The Satoshi statue will wear a hoodie and will have a Bitcoin logo on its chest.

satoshi nakamoto sculpture plan
Source: Blockchain Hungary Association

Anyone who faces the statue will see themselves in the face, symbolizing that Satoshi’s identity is unimportant. We all can become Satoshi by developing technology, community, or merely using Bitcoin.

The monument will be exhibited in Graphisoft Park, Budapest, next to Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple.

steve jobs
Steve Jobs statue unveiled 2011 in Budapest. Image Source:

The Satoshi statue is still in the planning stage but is anticipated to be completed within the next three weeks, according to Kalocsai.

He stated that,

“The idea popped out of András’s head earlier this year. András was reading about NFTs, about how this technology is changing the digital art market. So he started thinking: NFT, blockchain, Bitcoin, Satoshi, why doesn’t Satoshi have a statue?”

Steve Jobs Partner Statue Project Funding

The founders donated $6,000 for the project. The team also succeeded in raising an additional USD 11,000 as a part of a community donation campaign. As claimed by Koloscai, the statue will function as an honor to the ideal transformation created by blockchain technology. Koloscai stated that,

“The Blockchain Hungary Association considered it important to support the creation of the sculpture because the technology described in the Bitcoin Whitepaper will bring a paradigm shift in our daily lives: it allows the digitization of values and their free flow. Even central banks today are thinking about issuing digital money, thanks to the visibility and technological background of bitcoin.”

Koloscai further added that most Hungarians have probably learned about Bitcoin by this time, but not several folks realize its connections. As claimed by him, extending to inform people about the significance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is crucial:

“We hope that the Satoshi statue will raise awareness. We want people to know that this is a very important new economic phenomena, it will change the basics of economic processes in the future.”

On the other hand, Hungary also created headlines when the country’s administration announced its proposals to reduce crypto-tax earnings by 50% to inspire investors to disclose income from trading cryptoassets. Once approved, the tax rate on such profits would decrease to 15% from 30.5% beginning in 2022, which would take it in line with capital gains duties on stocks.

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