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Survey Data debunked regarding Turkish Adaptation to Crypto

Surveys have been conducted across the results showing Turkey as the leading country to lead cryptocurrency usages such as trading and payments. However, the upcoming sentences of this article will lead you to a huge debunk.

Paribu, a major crypto exchange in Turkey, aims to find 1,000 citizens who somehow had some idea about cryptocurrency. They have conducted up to 6,000 interviews via video across the cities in Turkey in time with the Covid-19 pandemic. The result of this lead to debunking the Turkish crypto ecosystem.

The previous data showed that over 1/5 of the citizens in Turkey have used or owned cryptocurrency. This has made a lot of different impressions of global crypto players. During the first half of 2019, Statista, a global-scale survey company, conducted an online poll. With 1,000 residents in every 18 countries, Turkey has made its name a leader in crypto adoption. The adoption rate generated by the survey has been a highlight of presentations about Turkey and its region since it was released.

On July 23, Paribu released a new survey about the crypto adaptation in the country. However, this drawn a sharp contrast with the previous data. The result of the study conducted by Paribu showed that crypto usage among Turkish is less than 1%. Akademetre Research Company conducted the survey; the results have been posted in the Cryptocurrency Awareness and Perception Survey report.

Another major crypto exchange in Turkey, BtcTurk have also surveyed in partnership with Istanbul University Statistics Appliances and Research Center. The results show that during the Covid-19 pandemic, the trust of their citizens on Bitcoin has increased by 23%, and the satisfaction rate has made it’s way to 58.5%. This survey was conducted with 379 respondents and reported that the country’s crypto usage has doubled since February of the year 2019.

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