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Tech Cloud Giant Aiming for the Stars to become an EOS Network Block Producer

A worldwide hyper-scale cloud and infrastructure provider, Google Cloud has joined the EOS Blockchain area. This is a symbol of great interest in exploring new technology opportunities, as Google is one of the global leaders in technological modernization.

Google Cloud will ultimately shift into becoming an EOS network block producer.

The designer of the EOSIO blockchain protocol on which the EOS network has been developed,, says:

“Google Cloud is taking steps toward becoming an EOS network block producer (BP), organizations that can bid for EOS governance votes alongside standby block producer (SBP).”

Allen Day, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud, announced:

“We’re starting the process of becoming a block producer candidate. As organizations begin to incorporate distributed ledger technology into their infrastructures, we are committed to ensuring that the information on public blockchains is securely stored, reliably available, and accessed in meaningful ways. ”

The tech titan will leverage its best-in-class support, enabling determination, reliability, security, and comprehensive global network coverage architecture — an outstanding fit for public blockchain networks such as EOS. As Google Cloud improves and manages cloud services and fiber-optic systems, Google’s investment level in the project makes the company well-suited for public blockchain networks.

If admitted as a block producer, Google will have a say in the inevitable aspects of blockchain security, scalability, and decentralization. Nevertheless, Google Cloud must first be elected by holders of tokens that are currently on the EOS network. The guidelines for approval are in a state of perpetual progression.

Dealing with ZDNet, Block. one said:

“Because of the speed of the EOS Network, voting changes are calculated immediately, so they can be made very quickly if we so choose. It’s really up to Google Cloud and their plans for engaging with the EOS network community. And because voting on EOS is open-ended and continuous, to ensure that the top 21 are always a real-time reflection of the EOS token-holders’ aggregate will, we will constantly be evaluating Google Cloud against our criteria, just as we do with all Block Producer candidates. ”

As a block producer candidate, the tech giant will need to be selected by token holders to secure a position within the EOS network’s block producer ranks. Google Cloud will publish a microsite that will highlight their participation in EOS’s network operation as an elected block producer.

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