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Tech Giants Vs. Crypto-Malware

Crypto-mining malware has been an on-going issue in the cryptocurrency community. The tool has been developed to detect and avoid this malware. The said tool utilizes the processor from Intel’s Threat Detection Technology and a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence to fight the malicious program.

It is designed to consume the CPU processing power when being used. Blackberry proudly mentioned that this will effectively stop cryptojacking with the tool installed.

Cryptojacking happens with the installation of malware on a certain device from malicious third-party software to hijack the computer power to mine cryptocurrency without the user’s consent.

This issue has soared popularity within cybercriminals. Verizon also presented a data that breached investigation report that organizations received cryptocurrency mining malware at some point throughout.

Cryptojacking has been discovered to affect many thousands of organizations, regular browser users has been a victim of incident.

Salt, a popular tool used for infrastructure has been attacked using the malware on their server. Salt has been used by major firms like LinkedIn, eBay, and IBM. Interpol has done some operations to fight this malware infection on over 20,000 routers.

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