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The Wolf Supports Dogecoin

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ urges people to pump his followers on Twitter and Dogecoin.

Sometimes, these things don’t end as expected.

Jordan Belfort, an infamous stock guru, is now urging his 422,000 Twitter followers to pump the prices of Dogecoin and few other altcoins.

“If you want Pump, 5 DAYS. Get me to 500K follows by 5/1,” he tweeted, putting the stickers of meme currencies Dogecoin, Safemoon, US stocks GameStop, and AMC Entertainment.

Old Habits Never Die

Belfort is infamous for pumping penny stocks and holding a ‘boiler room’ in the 1990s era. He pleaded guilty to crimes related to fraud along with the stock-market manipulation in 1999 and spent 22 months in prison.

After he was released, he became a motivational speaker and author. His autobiography, “Wolf of Wall Street,” has inspired Leonardo DiCaprio to star in the movie, both mediums got worldwide acclaim.

wolf of wall street pumps dogecoin

However, old habits never die. While it has been low-priced stocks in the 90s, Dogecoin now got Belfort’s attention. “#DOGECOIN WHERE’S MY ARMY??!,” a tweet said.

He also mentioned Safemoon. The coin was minted on TikTok in the last few months, with the price of $0.00000585 playing its part.

Dogecoin’s Infinite Fans

In the last few months, Dogecoin has gained a lot of press attention. Since 2020, the cryptocurrency pumped its price with the help of endorsements from Tesla CEO Elon Musk and billionaire Mark Cuban.

The currency isn’t managed actively nor does have a clear-cut use case either. However, that hasn’t stopped it from reaching a $35 billion market cap and becoming the seventh-largest cryptocurrency.

Simultaneously, the replies to Belfort’s tweets were mixed, some pointing out the possibility of illegal behavior and others cheering him.

However, Belfort called himself “not a financial advisor” and tagged the US SEC a few days ago to evade any probable legal actions in the near future. If legalities work like that.

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