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This is where Bitcoin is headed after reaching All Time High

Keeping track of Bitcoin (BTC) amidst other digital currencies has always been a different form of engagement for different people. While some see this business as an occupation, others see it as a hobby and investment, while some see it as fun.

Today’s joining with Bitcoin is a well-thought-out decision, particularly by the institutional investors who are beginning to shore up their balance sheets with the assets. Bitcoin price forecasts from experts have a far-reaching effect on some investors, and as such, many tend to scrutinize every prediction made for the first cryptocurrency.

Many factors are responsible for the price of Bitcoin, but predictions from influential figures and analysts can positively sway the price of Bitcoin. Price predictions have been closely tied to Bitcoin in the crypto space. 

Over the years, many have given their projections as to what the price of Bitcoin will be at a particular point in time; as Bitcoin recently soared to a new all-time high, some of these earlier predictions are worth profiling for their merits.

Earlier Bitcoin Price Forecasts

Amidst the more prominent analysts of today is Bloomberg’s, Mike McGlone. As a commodity strategist, McGlone is always vocal about tradable assets and commodities’ price momentum, and he has often stated a positive opinion about Bitcoin’s growth.

Mike projects that Bitcoin is likely to surpass gold by valuation and adoption in today’s digital world. Mike also possible to top the price of Bitcoin to top $50,000 by the end of 2021 and $170,000 by 2022. His predictions seem to be accurate as Bitcoin exchanged hands at $47,000 in February, with many months left for the coin to meet the target set by McGlone.

JPMorgan analysts’ projections that Bitcoin is likely to top $146,000 in ten years appears outrightly conservative, seeing the current performance of the asset. As an investment bank with responsibilities to institutional-grade clients, JPMorgan’s conservative forecast may not be faulted as Bitcoin has not proven itself resistant to the effects of agents of volatility.

On the more ambitious side, Morgan Creek’s Mark Yusko predicted the likelihood of Bitcoin topping $400,000 in a few years, backing his projections on the growing infrastructural development of the digital asset. 

Also, Gemini CEO Tyler Winklevoss is one of the notable crypto activists today who believes in the Bitcoin revolution’s power.

Tyler always has likely to top for Bitcoin to hit $500,000, a challenging price target that he believes can be attained due to the negative impacts of world Central Banks’ monetary policies.

Should These Projections be Held as Yardstick?

Much dedicated research is advised for anyone who wants to pump liquidity into cryptocurrencies before such investments are made. 

We should understand that the crypto markets are primarily globally unregulated, and projections from supposed experts should be seen as personal opinions and not necessarily a yardstick.

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