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Timestamping now allowed on Ethereum Blockchain

WordProof announced recently in the BlockDown Conference 2020, that it won’t allow the customers to timestamp content on the Ethreum blockchain.

WordProof empowers the internet users and content creators with the tools to shape a safer and more trustworthy internet and now being backed by the top teams that is working on the newer technologies, like the EOS parent company named

The service had been initially rolled out of support on WordPress, a widely-popular content management system that is estimated to sustain over 35% of the internet.

Ethereum’s Adoption

WordProof had recently won Europe’s Blockchain for Social Good competition (€ 1,000,000) and on boarded Yoast SEO as a stockholder that goes to display the platform’s persistent approach to building the blockchain-powered presentations.

The rollout of the Timestamp Ecosystem will then see numerous stakholders that joined forces: involving site owners, advertisers, big-tech and policymakers. WordProof said that being blockchain doubting is crucial to bring the stakeholders together, further explaining why WordProof now supports the Ethereum blockchain.

Content time stamping launched

On the other hand, Jelle van der Schoot, WordProof’s product head stated:

“Blockchain was originally invented for timestamping. At WordProof, we’re committed to being the most user-friendly timestamping tool that can be used in all content management systems and e-commerce platforms.”

He continued, “adding support for Ethereum marks an important step towards achieving this goal, so we’re excited to welcome the Ethereum community to the WordProof Timestamp Ecosystem.”

The WordProof press release is now timestamped on the Ethereum blockchain, it can be verified by clicking on the “View this content’s WordProof Timestamp certificate” by the end of any content.

The launch had helped a major use of blockchain technology another step and provides the masses with freely obtainable and demonstrable information.

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