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You have to remember this: when markets are unstable, even the tiniest delay during any crypto transaction is repeatedly extremely expensive. And now, a cryptocurrency wallet says it’s developed an answer that allows transfers to be completed in under three minutes — irrespective of what percentage transactions are within the queue.

As you may observe, Freewallet has partnered up with Changelly for the innovative feature, and a grand total of 54 coins are supported by the technology, together with ERC-20 tokens. This includes the world’s major cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), EOS (EOS) and Litecoin (LTC). What does one get here? Set aside the time savings related to this technology, Freewallet claims there are numerous other advantages, too. Customers will enjoy significantly lower costs, as they won’t need to pay transaction fees. Unlike on-chain transfers, where it’s likely to control someone’s identity by evaluating their trading habits and buying patterns, this off-chain technique can help preserve user anonymity.

Changelly CEO Eric Benz said, “Freewallet remains one among my favorite wallet apps out there and our partnership continues to travel from strength to strength. With the power to perform off-chain transactions, Freewallet now performs at a way higher speed and therefore the overall cost for the customer has successively become lower.”

Freewallet head of PR Solomon Brown was likewise excited, adding, “We’ve been working with Changelly for an extended time. Our successful experience together and mutual trust have allowed us to integrate off-chain exchanges into Freewallet and thereby further advance in our goal of providing the simplest service possible to our over three million users.” Offered for web wallets and both iOS and Android devices, the technology is out there to use through Freewallet’s apps.

Digging Deeper

We’ve seen stories about crypto’s dependability of the services been exaggerated recently. Coinbase has been criticized for frequently experiencing outages whenever Bitcoin has decided a massive price change, and in some cases, traders are powerless to log into their accounts because the value of their assets plummeted. Standalone Wallers Maybe a custodial service.

Freewallet proposes that if something goes erroneous with a transaction, users can reach out to the customer support team for help in fixing the trouble. Accounts also can be recovered within the event that a password or username is forgotten. Four sign-in methods are available for the users of Freewallet, including via email, Google, Facebook, and telephone number. The services include 20 wallets for single coins also as its flagship multicurrency wallet, Crypto Wallet.

Reports say that the platform believes that there’s an increasing demand for single-currency crypto wallets despite an ever-increasing trend of wallets that allow dozens of coins to be stored in one place. It’s a talk of the town these days on how can they deliver understanding and ease to those that are not comfortable keeping all of their assets in one location. Freewallet illustrated an evaluation between standalone wallets and credit cards that support one currency. those that use single-currency wallets also can enjoy lower transaction fees, as they’ll get the chance to play in and out with crypto on more satisfactory terms.

Lately, the company announced that it’s holding a crypto exchange marathon from June 15 to July 12 for all active users.

Three users with the very best cumulative transaction sums and another three who have made the leading transactions are going to be rewarded with extra cashback.

More prizes are going to be offered to 5 users randomly on a weekly basis for one month, the team notes. Freewallet also announced a raffle for the leading inspiring stories and use cases. Consistent with the corporate, the author of the story with the foremost likes, comments, and shares on Twitter will get an additional prize from the team.

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