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Top Predictions for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple

  • Bitcoin (BTC) is starting to give a hint at a complicated topping action.
  • Ethereum (ETH) loses an increasing wedge pattern to check a new Fibonacci extension degree.
  • XRP requires a significant day to overcome to void trading rule. 

The top predictions for the 3 prominent cryptocurrencies will give you a bigger perspective on what may happen in the coming days. Bitcoin’s absence of impulsiveness and commitment sends a hint of a corrective rally. Ethereum’s hyperactive over the weekend, advancing a significant breakthrough. XRP price drops into uncertainty as faith in a succession of the rally fades. 

Indicator warning of froth in the cryptocurrency market

Enormous rallies for numerous cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Cardano, Ethereum, and Binance Coin, have charmed all investors’ thoughts. This is not just the altcoin-focused traders. The performance has far exceeded Bitcoin’s gains and higher supposition; that the ‘froth’ in the space has lifted the probability for a day of reckoning for freedom shortly.

At the front of the negative outlook is a critical statistic; Bitcoin’s share of the $2.6 trillion cryptocurrency market. It has dropped from a peak of 70% to under 45% since the start of 2021. It demonstrates the unique trade demand behind the rush in altcoins, as per institutional strategists.

top predictions
Bitcoin market capitalization percentage

Central banks amplified stimulus has promoted increased demand for cryptocurrencies. More particularly in light of the dwindling options for excellent alpha-producing opportunities in the more traditional investments; such as fixed income or equities.

Although, it is simpler to reject the possible rise in altcoins due to historical data of stimulus by retail traders. Some recognition needs to come to the cryptocurrency space; as a surge of projects advances blockchain technology into the lives of everyday folks.

Bitcoin tests tolerance with rising agitation

The escape from a reverse head-and-shoulders model on April 30 has not caused a persuasive rally extension. Instead, it has been marked by slow price action with a minor higher preference. Bitcoin has rallied approximately 20% since the April low and just 2% from the inverse head-and-shoulders escapade.

The absence of volatility and incapacity to separate from the 50-day simple moving average (SMA) is more stable with a restorative rally; lacking institutional commitment. The rounding pattern on the daily chart from a broader interpretation. This is considering the February high starts to look more like a complicated quality method instead of a corrective process.

Bitcoin is on the point of a minor trend transformation as the rising trend line from the April low runs straight through the 50-day SMA at $56,756, just $600 under the current price. A daily close under the support level would plan a swift drop to the May 5 down at $53,000 and possibly the right shoulder low at $52,369, which would invalidate the mildly bullish working thesis.

The following support is the April low at $47,044, and if the condition deteriorates; Bitcoin should check the February low at $43,016.

top predictions
BTC/USD daily chart

A level that caught the effort at new highs in mid-April is the revival of the rally from the April low will meet considerable resistance at the 361.8% Fibonacci extension of the 2017-2018 bear market at $63,777.

If Bitcoin makes it in beating the Fibonacci resistance, it should create a rally to the 138.2% expansion of the April correction at $71,719 and then the 161.8% increase of $75,933. Above that is the 461.8% extension of the 2017-2018 bear market at $80,540.

Ethereum price reaches a distinct turning point.

On May 8, Ether voided the increasing wedge thesis with an outstanding gain of 12.41%, raising the 6-week return to 132% and almost matching the achievement levels recorded in January and February. 

Ether had to take 72 days to rally from $2,000 to $3,000 and merely seven days to rebound from $3,000 to $4,000. Indicate the impulsiveness of the rally over the last couple of weeks.

Currently, Ethereum price is only $200 away from the 361.8% Fibonacci extension of the April correction at $4,232, and bigger aspirations for ETH could target the 361.8% extension of the 2017-2018 bear market at $4,926.

top predictions
ETH/USD daily chart

Essential support begins at the 261.8% extension of the 2017-2018 bear market at $3,587, followed by the 38.2% retracement of the rally from the February low at $3,087.

XRP price at a critical point in the rally

It has been four days since the XRP price broke out from a cup-with-handle base before reversing by the close of trading. The reversal triggered the pullback-plus-four rule that specifically states that if a breakout reverses back into the ground, you give it four days to trade above the breakout day high. Failing to do so expands the probability that XRP price is ready to decline or even embark on a more complex pattern.

For now, the Ripple bullish outlook is active, but it is time to manage the thesis with caution. The first resistance is the May 6 high at $1.76 and then the confluence of the April high at $1.96, the psychologically important $2.00, and the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of the 2018-2020 bear market at $2.08.

The measured move target of the cup-with-handle base is $3.16, yielding a 90% gain from the handle high at $1.66. A rally of that degree would put XRP price within reach of the 2018 high of $3.30.

top predictions
XRP/USD daily chart

A failure to overcome the May 6 high at $1.76 today should put traders on the defensive and prompt at least a reduction in positions. A decline below the handle low of $1.31 would suggest that XRP price is carving out a more complex bottom or vulnerable to a monster decline.

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