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Twitter Giving Away Free NFT’s – Hurry and grab one now!

The 140 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are linked to pieces of art; with tags like “Furry Twitter,” “Vitamin T,” and “Reply Guy.”

Twitter sending an NFT storm to everyone.

On Wednesday, the social media mammoth published its ambition to reveal 140 non-fungible tokens hosted on the Rarible marketplace.

Though, in contrast to Reddit, which just last week registered its own non-tangible tokens for sale; Twitter settled not to charge for these digital trading cards. Perhaps in an unspoken acknowledgment that the long-term value suggestion is, at best, unclear.

With the support of Rarible, Twitter minted 20 NFTs for each of the seven different works of crypto art; with titles like “Furry Twitter,” “Vitamin T,” and “Reply Guy.”

Specifically, those fortunate enough to be gifted one of these digital items — the requirement for which includes simply tweeting or tweeting about the giveaway and the firm DMing you directions on how to collect the digital tokens — don’t own the art or any licenses to it. That’s in view of the fact that NFTs often don’t include any art. Rather, they generally specify or explain something that prevails in the world someplace else.

Terms Of Service

In its NFT TOS (which is registered on the InterPlanetary File System), Twitter presents precisely what it’s giving out.

“The Artwork and Brand are neither stored nor embedded in the NFT; but are accessible through the NFT,” describes the TOS. 

“Although the NFT itself is owned by the recipient of the NFT, the Artwork and Brand associated with the NFT is licensed and not transferred or sold to such recipient.”

The social media representative also cited that the NFT beneficiary doesn’t own the entitlement to the artwork itself or any of their firm’s IP.

This last matter isn’t shocking and is comparable to purchasing a print of a prominent piece of artistry. You can display the poster in your living room, but you can’t replicate it and sell copies. Furthermore, except with Twitter’s NFTs, you don’t even own the poster (to continue the analogy); but rather a digital token describing the poster’s contents and where it’s being kept.

Notably, while Twitter is not marketing or auctioning this lot of 140 non-tangible lots; that doesn’t mean it won’t market NFTs in the future. When asked regarding any plans to do so later, the spokesperson replied that the firm had nothing to reveal.

Why Are The NFTs Free?

Bloomberg announced that a Twitter spokesperson told the publication it had no NFT plans other than this campaign.

The motivation behind this NFT drop was to emphasize the current conversation of NFTs on the platform; and make it easier for Twitter users to get in on the NFT fun.

The spokesperson did confirm that the receivers (aka new owners) can trade the NFTs on the Rarible marketplace if they decide to do so. Which makes it meaningful; as the Twitter NFT TOS is coded in such a way as to include “a subsequent transfer or purchase.”

It’s worth noticing that some NFTs are designed in such a way, termed the “royalty system,” so that every forthcoming sale returns a percentage of that sale; in continuity, to the NFT’s creator.

We asked Twitter if this current batch of NFTs is set up similarly, and the representative responded that beneficiaries could sell them or keep them, and Twitter won’t get anything out of it.

At the time of this writing, Twitter has given away at best a couple of the NFTs; and one such example is still registered as “Not for sale.” The latest keeper of the “Furry Twitter” may just be retaining it for a while before he re-lists it for sale.

Still not for sale. Credit: Screenshot / Rarible

With this primary batch of 140 lots, it seems that Twitter is checking the water to see what value Twitter-minted NFTs have.

The wonderful thing about being in a feasible bubble is that the rest of us won’t have to expect long to find out — one way or another.

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