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Upcoming Movie About Crypto Theft

Cryptocurrency, mining and even theft is a huge thing worldwide, nowadays. “Money Plane” is an upcoming movie that will tackle about the heist of a so-called bulletproof casino in the sky. This movie is about summing up to $1 billion in crypto.

The said movie will be starring Adam Copeland, Denise Richards, and Kelsey Grammer that will premiere later this week, July 10, 2020, to be exact. Money Plane is about a retired gambler that has been pushed to steal an aircraft which is the bulletproof casino in the sky, untouchable by any government agency”. The aircraft carries up to a billion worth of crypto and millions of cash per the trailer.

However, there are no exact coins to the plot. Some parts of it however showed at least $241 million worth of Bitcoin, $128 million worth of Ethereum, $70 million worth of Ripple, and $13 million worth of Litecoin. There is also an undetermined amount of Iota.

The Crypto Community reacts

The movie has garnered reactions from the crypto community. One user from Reddit said that the movie could’ve created a greater picture to feature digital assets. However, the movie only associated crypto with casinos and criminals.

One of the users had a similar point of view, thinks that the movie has disconnected between Hollywood and reality. They said that it should be a necessity to explain how new technology like crypto works just like how TV and movies showed the internet back in the day.

Cryptocurrency hasn’t achieved the full potential adoption in 2020, the tokens have been said to be on the silver screen. Stampede Ventures have also announced in June that they will be producing a movie based on Bitcoin Billionaires – a best-selling book about Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss.

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