Voter Signature Database attacked by a Ransomware

A Georgia country government database used for the 2020 election has been attacked by ransomware.

Now that the voter signature database is down, Hall County officials are now relying on a state database and manual checks whenever handling the absentee ballots.

Hall County’s government had reported a ransomware attack on a public page. The government stated that the hack had affected the “critical systems within the Hall County Government networks, including an interruption of phone services.”

After that, it has been announced that “phone service had been partially restored” but the other services aren’t mentioned.

It was also reported that the attack had also disabled the email access in other government departments, the primary court services system, payment system for the local landfill, Sheriff’s Office database of jailed inmates, and similar services.

The report still carries some details

The Times, in publishing a run-of-the-mill story on how to vote via absentee ballot, today revealed that the Hall County elections office has also been affected, as the attack took down a database for verifying voter signatures, which are typically required for ballots not submitted in person at a polling place.

It has been revealed today that the Hall County elections had been affected as well, for the attack had taken down a database used to verify voter signatures that are typically required for the ballots not to be submitted in person at a polling place.

Ransomware is a kind of malware that is used to disable databases and other electronic systems; hackers may demand a ransom, basically in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, for the functionality to be restored.

A study showed that in the year 2019, 113 state and municipal governments were the victims of ransomware attacks. It has been estimated that the total damage of the attacks amounts to $7.5B.

Another study has detailed hundreds of attacks this year, further targeting everything from Carnival cruise line to camera company Canon.

However, it looks like this is the first instance that had impacted the 2020 election.

The election will push through on November 3, yet because of the coronavirus pandemic; a majority of the states have introduced access to early voting and also the absentee and mail-in ballots. President Trump claims that mail-in voting can perpetuate the widespread ballot fraud while insisting that absentee ballots are secure at the same time.

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