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WhatsApp AHOD on “Expiring Media” Feature to Delete Photos and Videos

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature named Expiring Media that will make media files like images, videos, and GIFs sent to the recipient’s phone disappear once the recipient leaves the chat.

This new development appears to be an extension to the Expiring Media, WhatsApp users, and temporarily sends the photos and videos. The new feature is going to be a part of the WhatsApp beta release.

The platform features a tracker named WABetaInfo, has shared a few screenshots that show the feature in action. Screenshots showed that the quality would be available for access through a dedicated timer button. Users need to tap the switch after adding the media to their chats. This may enable the expiration of the selected media content.

The images and videos shared by enabling the Expiring Media feature will completely disappear once the recipient leaves the chat window, WABetaInfo reports. Also, WhatsApp would highlight such media files with a timer icon to let the recipient know that the shared files will expire after they leave the chat.

WABetaInfo has mentioned that the new feature is in development for Android users initially, though it may eventually be provided to Android and iPhone users.

This feature is quite similar to how Instagram allows users to send a disappearing photo or video as a direct message on the platform. Instagram also lets its users send disappearing media files in group messages. On the other hand, WhatsApp is yet to be seen working on a similar experience for group users.

In the previous month, a beta release from WhatsApp for Android (version was spotted carrying some evidence of the Expiring Messages feature. It would let the users send messages that may disappear from the chat after seven consecutive days. A screenshot has been shared about the development that was suggested in addition to discussions. Media would expire in the conversation using the Expiring Messages feature, but the other photos or videos might be previously saved before the expiration time comes.

WhatsApp hasn’t commented about any details about Expiring Messages or Expiring Media. Therefore, there is no clarity when the new features will be provided to the users – even for beta testing.

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