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Would it be Amazing for Amazon to offer Crypto Rewards on your purchases?

It is no mystery that people enjoy shopping online. Black Friday, Prime day and Cyber Monday are worldwide sensations thanks to the vital significance of online shopping that takes place throughout those times.

While certain shopping celebrations are now substantially placed in the mainstream, it seems like the cryptocurrency society is growing in on the action.

The freshest of these worldwide shopping holidays are Amazon Prime Day, in which e-commerce giant Amazon is offering discounts on thousands of items to customers.

Plutus Teaming Up with Prime

Amid the cryptocurrency brands that are extending benefits during Prime Day is Plutus, a cryptocurrency exchange. The company is offering a 10% cryptocurrency bonus on all purchases made during Prime day.

“Starting today, we are jumping in on the action to offer you a massive 10% crypto reward on any, and all, Amazon purchases,” the announcement said, adding that this is in addition to the discounts already offered by Amazon, bringing potential deals to up to 60%.

This privilege is open to users of the platform, irrespective of the PLU amount they have staked. PLU is the native token of the Plutus platform. Plutus users with Starter, Premium, and Pro accounts can enjoy this perk even if they do not own any PLU tokens. This can be unlocked by using Plutus cards at checkout, after which the rewards are applied.

The company also gave details on another regards program to be offered to customers.

“We are also working with our affiliate partners to offer exclusive deals on highly in-demand items such as the upcoming iPhone 12 and PS5 for our members who have unlocked Plutus Perks. In order to qualify for this reward, you will need to unlock level 2 of Perks and use the Plutus Perks dashboard to make your purchase, the announcement said.

Plutus Announces Expansion Plans

Their recent Amazon Prime Day deal is not the only development taking place at Plutus. The company has announced a slew of new expansion plans.

First, it recently announced plans to pursue a banking license, launch in Latin America, launch in Asia, and rapidly scale it. They also revealed their Pluton Liquidity Injection Programme (PLIP), which involves partnerships with five exchanges and several micro-sales.

The rollout for their PLU token was also announced to great fanfare. The first sale took place on their internal platform, the PlutusDEX. However, the deal was oversubscribed in just 48hrs, and Plutus had to extend the sale to accommodate the demand.

PLU is being sold at $8, and the exchange has implemented several unique features that have made it incredibly successful, such as a 40% bonus. Whatever a user pledges for; they receive a 40% bonus in PLU on top, a too high bonus rate that you don’t see elsewhere.

Cancellation policy was also put in place- meaning participants could cancel their pledge if they changed their minds. There is also a price-floor guarantee – the minimum rate of PLU on the PlutusDEX has been locked at $8 for 90 days meaning participants can sell PLU back at the same rate they purchased it (limits apply).

Participation also offers Premium membership – All participants will automatically get a 6-month free membership worth £/€9.99 per month.

Allying Crypto and E-Commerce

While cryptocurrency and the industry behind it are on the rise, e-commerce is already firmly established on the global stage. As such, linking the two can help boost the image of cryptocurrency and increase their credibility. There are already resources in place that allow the spending of cryptocurrency for online shopping. Discounted days within the e-commerce industry are already commonplace, and as such, it is reasonable for cryptocurrency firms to participate.

It will boost the visibility of companies such as Plutus, increase the use of tokens and the creation of accounts, and strengthen the industry’s position within e-commerce. In the next few years, we will likely see even more cryptocurrency companies participate in events such as Prime Day or even host their sales.

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