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YouTube Meme Clip Auctioned As NFT: Closed For $760,999

A classic and sweet meme video uploaded on Youtube more than a ‘decade’ ago is set to be deleted from the social video site for good.

The family behind the 14-year-old “Charlie Bit My Finger” sold the viral video as a non-fungible token (NFT) for $760,999.

The viral video is one of the premiers on YouTube to span into popular culture. The clip is about a 3-year-old British tyke Harry sticks his finger into his 1-year-old brother’s mouth. 

Ow, Charlie! Ow! Charlie! That really hurt!” Harry shouts in pain as his baby bro giggles. 

“Charlie bit me. And that really hurt, Charlie, and it’s still hurting.”

The British family (whose kids are featured in the classic video) stated that they would auction off “Charlie Bit My Finger” as an NFT.

This blockchain-based system allows confirmed ‘proof of ownership’ for any digital property. NFTs have went viral in popularity this year. It created a craze for digital collectibles (mostly paid in digital currency).

The winner for this NFT will be “the sole owner of this lovable piece of internet history,” as mentioned in the family’s auction site.

In extra to owning the “soon-to-be-deleted YouTube phenomenon,” the winning client will also “have the opportunity to create their own parody of the video featuring the original stars, Harry and Charlie.”

Regardless of the distinction that may come with owning the original “Charlie Bit My Finger” video as an NFT; there are various copies of the video floating around the internet that will remain visible.

youtube meme
Charlie Bit My Finger 10 Year Anniversary


The “Charlie Bit My Finger” NFT auction was won by a user with the screen name “3fmusic” on Sunday, May 23, with a bid of $760,999. 

It was discovered that a Twitter account with the same name; which tweeted “CHARLIE BIT ME!” on the same day it was acquired. The Twitter account was labeled 3F Music as “one of the best and well equipped music studios in [the] Middle East” located in Dubai, UAE. It’s not apparent if it is the same person or firm that acquired the NFT auction.

The boys’ dad, Howard Davies-Carr informed CBS News that the money from this NFT sale,

It means that Harry goes to university and has a nice place to stay and doesn’t have to have a bad job.”

The family supposed to have unlisted the original YouTube video (officially titled “Charlie bit my finger – again !”). It continues to be viewable as of this writing. The Youtube video has received 883 million views to date.

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