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A “Greener” Way to Mine Bitcoin

A 30-Year-Old Entrepreneur Uses Cow Waste to Mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining has been a controversial topic until now. This is because of the carbon footprint that it is leaving behind. Although one man might have found a potential solution. Josh Riddett, the managing editor at Easy Crypto Hunter in Manchester England, says that he has found a way to mine crypto from the blockchain utilizing cow manure.

Greener Ways to Mine Crypto

Many environmentalists are saying that Bitcoin mining does irreversible damage to the Earth’s atmosphere. Some reports claim that Bitcoin mining has a big carbon footprint as big as the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Others claim that the process requires more energy than specific countries like Argentina and Iceland.

A lot of institutional investors have turned away from Bitcoin because of questions that surround the mining process. For instance, Elon Musk has rescinded his former decision to accept BTC payments for Tesla goods and services. While Kevin O’Leary is saying that he will no longer buy Bitcoin mined in China for it still utilizes coal and standard fossil fuels to extract new units.

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With all of these issues, Bitcoin or BTC mining were not in the best place as of now. However, Riddett is confident that his way is greener, fresher, and better for the environment.

“Years ago, farmers were encouraged to develop green energy solutions, which is one of the reasons why we have seen solar panels appear in fields over the last ten years, and these schemes came with good financial incentives. More recently, those incentives have dwindled to virtually zero, but our machines are now providing those incentives.”

John Riddett

Riddett is entrusted with operating a large mining system that is utilizing methane from cow waste. The methane fuels the several “computer graphics cards” that will go into the mining machines. Furthermore, the company utilizes many wind and solar-based generators to form the energy needed to mine new units of bitcoin.

In spite of the strength of the company, Riddett says that he has very little knowledge of how it all works. By the end of the day, he is the owner of the business. However, he couldn’t even write “a single line of code” according to him. He says:

“I have always been business minded, but I am not a tech nerd. I just had months and months of studying the market to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain while having lots of late nights watching YouTube videos about it.”

Things can’t Be Cleaner…

In conclusion, however, he confidently mentioned in his interview that the work that he is doing “can’t be greener.” He continues:

“When we started this business four years ago, green energy was not on our customers’ radar, but now it is approximately 40 percent of our business, and growing every day.”

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