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A New Brave Flyer Wallet Launching Soon

BitFlyer, known as one of the big names in cryptocurrency exchange in Japan when it comes to trading volume, has announced its partnership with Brave.

Brave is an open-source web browser that has been developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on a web browser; Chromium. The said browser blocks ads and website trackers and provides a way for their users to send cryptocurrency contributions in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to websites and other users.

The two firms will together is said to develop a new crypto asset wallet for the users of the Brave browser. However, there are no details yet on when the said wallet will be available. The Japanese users of the Brave browser have been rewarded with Basic Attention Token Points (BAP) since the regulations prevented them to earn BAT or trading the points for money on the various exchange.

The launch of the new crypto wallet may be another way for the Japanese users to earn BAT instead of BAP or make conversions between the two. A spokesperson from Brave also mentioned that they are using points to reward users but there will be limits. With the partnership, it will be possible to go beyond that idea.

The Brave browser has become popular in Japan. In June 2020, they made a partnership with Korean Idol Group “BTS” and Rush Gaming, which is an Esports team of Japan to develop the browser exclusively for Japanese users.

Rush Gaming partnership made a limited edition browser that can earn BAP by just watching ads. BAP can be used to show support to Rush Gaming’s Esports team. Both Bitflyer and Brave is also planning to launch a marketing campaign to expand the recognition of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Japan.

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