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Activist Vlogger Banned from YouTube – Got $100 Grands CryptoDonation

Stefan Molyneux, founder of Freedomain, scholar and far-right dissident, got more than $100 Grands in digital currency gifts after he was prohibited from YouTube last June 29th, 2020.

Molyneux is notable for his vlogs, blogs, and books. His initial Youtube recordings depicting the advantages of bitcoin have been commended. While getting over $100k in bitcoin, dash, bitcoin bitcoin cash, and ethereum gifts last week, the far-right lobbyist has additionally joined the Lbry platform.

During that time in June, Molyneux was prohibited from Youtube. He joins various mainstream far-right activists, libertarians, and digital currency advocates who have been prohibited from the stage. Just as of late,‘s authentic Youtube channel was prohibited however fortunately it was restored.

Numerous digital money advocates severely dislike control and when Molyneux was restricted the cryptographic money network added $100k to his gift chest of coins.

At the site, crypto supporters can discover the coin locations of all the crypto resources Molyneux site acknowledges. This incorporates bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin money (BCH), run (DASH), ethereum (ETH), and a couple of others.

An incredible greater part of the assets gave to Molyneux originated from bitcoin money (BCH) gifts. There is roughly 444 BCH ($99,500) in Molyneux’s bitcoin money address and 3.82 BTC ($35,000) in the Freedomain bitcoin (BTC) wallet.

Taking a gander at the block searchers of every one of the six coins Molyneux acknowledges short monero (XMR), individuals can see a whirlwind of little gifts were sent after Molyneux was restricted. After the Youtube boycott, Molyneux joined and he has 6,819 devotees to-date.

The Freedomain podcaster likewise requested crypto gifts last January and various crypto lovers requested that he bolster more coins. “I have been demonetized on YouTube, yet you can bolster me here, much valued my companion,” Molyneux composed at that point. Molyneux was likewise a major effect on the voluntaryist and libertarian networks right off the bat in his profession.

During the last 50% of his career, numerous libertarians lost enthusiasm for Molyneux for his pro-Trump and extreme right activism. He has composed 10 books that have totaled 600 million downloads, and he has facilitated 4,500 web recordings too. Now that’s a feat!

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