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AKON CITY: A Cryptocurrency City is real

We are moving into the future. But who would have thought to make a city fueled by cryptocurrency?

Yes, you heard it right.

There is a rising construction of an urban hub for cryptocurrency. The brainchild was from the Senegalese-American star Akon. In fact, as you read this, the project has been awarded to a US-based engineering firm, KE International. It’s worth is a whopping $6 billion.

But what shall we call this city? Simple: AKON CITY

The new advancement will be located in Mbodième, a small coastal village in the west of Senegal, West Africa.

It is not more than an hour’s drive south of the new Blaise Diagne International airport in Dakar.

Beautiful parks, universities, schools, a stadium, hotels, and an industrial complex fully completed by 2030 were some of the expected initial development in Akon.

With the approved plans, transactions will be all cryptocurrency, maintained, and operated by the Stellar payment network.

Phase 1 of the city set to completed by end of 2023, where construction a highway, a campus called Hamptons Hospitals, and a mall called Hamptons Mall, residences, hotels, etc will be rolling out soon.

In the meantime, the Akon City phase 2 will be finished from 2024 to 2029 and ending with a complete cryptocurrency city set apart for the city.

Back in 2014, an Akoin cryptocurrency was first used for a green-city in Western Kenya known as Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC). Almost six years later, people are expected to see its magnificence by December 2020. KE International was also contracted to finish this project.

Akon hopes to power cities in Africa through cryptocurrencies who are still banking on analog phones and sees a more dynamic marketplace where business owners, activities, entrepreneurs partake of the advancement in the rising economies.


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