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Former Anti-Malware Tycoon wore a Thong-Mask in Europe: What really happened

John McAfee was arrested somewhere in Europe for ignoring to wear a medically-certified mask, alternatively of ladies’ underwear. Before he was cleared, he experienced a “roughing up” and a black eye.

As claimed to various posts on John McAfee’s Twitter, the past antivirus tycoon and cryptocurrency enthusiast were arrested in (probably) Norway, or Spain, or Germany.

While he hasn’t revealed lots of details, the ground for the arrest was quite convincing – wearing a lady’s underwear as a protective mask and declining to replace it.

McAfee Detained

John McAfee is amongst the most provocative figures within the cryptocurrency population. From declining to pay taxes, alleging they are illegal, to running for US President, his life seems anything but boring.

Yet his cryptocurrency views appear uncertain. He progressed from “Bitcoin will reach $1 million” to “Bitcoin is an ancient technology,” so he elected to start his privacy coin – GHOST.

The freshest drama began a few days ago when he attempted to board a plane from what initially appeared as Norway to perhaps Munich, where he had plans to convene a “Red Scarf Society” meeting last August 11th.

However, the authorities had issues with his unique coronavirus mask. It was ladies’ underwear, which, according to McAfee, is the safest one available, and he chose it for his “health’s sake.”

John McAfee Detained For His Coronavirus Mask. Source: Twitter

The Tweet series resumed after McAfee’s wife took over his account to shed some light on the situation:

“He was not arrested for wearing the thong as a mask. He was arrested for refusing to replace it with a “medically certified” over the ear mask. I refused, as well. But they chose to arrest John, and leave me be.”

Later on, his wife said that their location is “none of your business” in a video but claimed that her husband got her a bottle of champagne, despite being jailed.

McAfee Discharged

After a little bit more than half the day being detained, McAfee regained control of his Twitter account and updated his followers that he was released. Although with a black eye, he was back in Belarus.

Per his story of the events that occurred, he was jailed because he “visited Catalonia (Spain) just before Europe banned Catalonians from traveling.” McAfee, his wife, and the private security guards decided to return to Germany and “were refused entrance. They demanded we wear masks.”

Then comes the most compelling part of his explanation – “I put on my thong mask. They demanded I replace it. I refused. Struggle. Jail. Black eye. Cleared.” McAfee said that he spent 14 hours in jail in another tweet where he underwent “roughing up.”

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