Apple iOS 13.7 updates to let users receive coronavirus exposure notifications without getting another contact tracing app

August 29, 2020

The next iPhone update from Apple could let the users receive coronavirus exposure notifications without purchasing a third-party app.

As it was released to developers, the beta version of iOS 13.7 shows the ability to turn on the exposure alarms in ‘Settings.’ The notifications are using a smartphone’s Bluetooth to notify users when they come close to someone tested positive for the contagious virus.

Though, Apple reveals in the update that some functions might not be rolled out because ‘system availability depends on support from your local public health authority.’

Coronavirus cases have begun to decline across the Earth; however, contact tracing apps are still crucial in keeping infection tolls at bay.

Before this, Apple had teamed up with Google to produce an equally same app and launched it in May.

A nation’s health authority uses the software to build their apps and has so far been launched to 22 countries who demanded access to the technology.

The tech partners have noted that the app would be rolled out in two phases, the first evolving in with iOS 13.5 and requiring the users to download the government app. It also seems that the second phase is set to hit the iPhone with the upcoming iOS 13.7 update.

In the upcoming update, users will have the capability to turn on the COVID-19 Exposure Notifications without installing additional apps on their device.

The move may be in line with the public’s lack of participation, as for contact tracing apps to work, people must opt-in to use the setting.

The first state to roll out Apple and Google’s app was Virginia, which went live early this month.

Covidwise, a new app launched by the state officials will not work well outside Virginia’s area until a group of coordinating public health agencies gets a national server and lets other states join in.

Alabama, along with several other states, has expressed their attention in the Apple-Google technology. They have begun their pilot testing. The other countries participating are South Carolina, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania.

Early this month, Google said 20 states and territories are discovering the app using the framework.

Similar apps have already been launched in 16 countries and countries across continents Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Meanwhile, Canada and several countries in Europe and elsewhere, have already rolled out apps using the tech companies’ framework.

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