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Berlin’s Room 77 – Shutting down its doors one last time

As claimed by social media, Scuttlebutt’s report and Google Maps, one of the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency beer-pilgrimage sites has closed its doors to the public for the last time.

Room 77, a contrarily empty bar located in Berlin, Germany, gained an extensive reputation within the crypto community after being acknowledged in 2011 as the first bar in the world to accept bitcoin.

Source: Google Maps

Owned by Joerg Platzer, Room 77 had, over the years, built up a devotion serving for being a symbol of the cryptocurrency counter-culture, although a distinctly unpretentious one. In a post on his Twitter account, Cypherpunk Holdings Chief Economist Jon Matonis revealed the news. A Google search seems to confirm that the bar has indeed shut down forever.

“Warm Beer, Cold Women, and Fast Food Served Slow”

Employing the above slogan and branding his establishment as “the restaurant at the end of capitalism,” Platzer transformed a run-of-the-mill Berlin cafe into one of Europe’s most distinguished crypto landmarks. Berlin-based crypto mining startup Cyberian Mine described Room 77 on its blog as a place with “an understated but unmistakably cyberpunk vibe.”

Similar to many distinct establishments in the crypto space, Cyberian Mine chose Room 77 as its ceremony venue following its successful 2018 funding round. In contrast to other businesses that accepted crypto, the bar, which is located in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, by all accounts offered a decidedly unspectacular visual and culinary experience.

It lacked in pizzazz, though, it seems to have made up for with sheer first-mover advantage. Several thousand crypto community members worldwide specifically made it a point to stop by Room 77 when in Europe to take part in its now-famous bitcoin payment ritual invented in 2011.

Room 77’s Politics and Community

Besides being a crypto tourist attraction, Room 77 is also accepted as a meeting point for people with similar beliefs, such as the crypto-sphere growth and rolling back censorship. In 2014, founder Platzer also became the author of “Bitcoin – Kurz & gut” (Bitcoin in a nutshell), the first book about bitcoin written in German.

Facebook Room 77

He also became the first person to accomplish a Lightning Network transaction involving a physical good when used to buy beer at Room 77 in 2017.

During press time, it was unclear what Platzer’s plans are following the closing the doors of Room 77.

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