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Biden Ain’t President Until The Fat Lady Sings – Crypto Artist

Leader around the world may have been rushing to their toast to United States President-elect Joe Biden on his still formally unconfirmed win over President Donald Trump – but like the incumbent commander-in-chief, one crypto artist said he would wait for definitive proof of Biden’s election victory before claiming a victor.

The reason behind it is that the artist in question, who goes by the name of Beeple, has produced a non-fungible token (NFT) piece of blockchain-powered art that highlights the dueling candidates in standoff isolation.

And once the result is finally called, the NFT will change forever – depicting Trump in one of two very different scenarios.

The piece is named Crossroad and was sold before the election on the Nifty platform. Although Biden has already begun putting together his political team ahead of taking power in January next year, Trump is thought to be looking for ways to mount a legal challenge into the ballot-counting process.

NFTs by Beeple.

That means that Beeple is still reluctant to pull the trigger. Once a winner is finally declared, a chain function will be enacted, changing the artwork forever.

The most likely result – a confirmed Biden win – will see them artwork switch to a depiction of Trump’s lifeless, bloated corpse lying face down in a public park, covered in disparaging graffiti as bluebird lands on his back and tweets a clown emoji.

NFTs by Beeple.

But should Trump pull off a remarkable turnaround, a very different outcome is in the cards: Enter a muscle-bound, mean-looking Trump, naked but for a crown – and striding purposefully through a blazing inferno.

A user named Pablo bought the artwork back in October – and now wants a cool USD 66,666 for it.

Meanwhile, as reported, after several complaints, crypto derivatives exchange FTX will allow those who bet on Donald Trump to win the 2020 US presidential election to hold onto their bets for free until February 1, 2021. “If, by then, Trump has been unambiguously reelected to the presidency, they will pay out [USD] 1,” said the announcement. The exchange added that they have “given in to the trolls,” that they “regret deeply doing this,” and that they will not make further concessions.

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