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Big News as another Big Bitcoin Scam hits Canada

Residents of Winnipeg, Canada has apparently been a victim of an alleged Bitcoin scam. Local grocery owner states that many of his customers are target of this scam.

Husni Zeid, the store owner has placed a noticeable sign on the Bitcoin machine that they have to support people to do extra caution with regards to scams that connects to Bitcoin transactions.

Zeid mentioned that “A lot of people are getting phone calls saying that they have to transfer to Bitcoin concerning CRA”

While this scam is currently happening, multiple complaints have piled up and occurred numerous times a week. Many locals have reported this issue to the store. Some people who actually saved up for their and their children’s future. Most of the victims have gave all of their savings to the said investment with promising return.

Officers in-charge of this case have been looking at this to be tied up to a Bitcoin scam that happened in Alberta, Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police alleges that the fraudsters have done impersonation of the local authorities in order to extort Bitcoin from the victims.

The said incident has been reported on last June 16 as one of their victims informed the authorities about receiving a call from a person that claimed to be from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). With this impersonation, they were able to get Bitcoins from the victim.

One of the victims shared that this swindler asked the victims to withdraw cash from a bank and deposit it into a Bitcoin machine. They were told that this fund needs to be paid unless they will get arrested. One of the victims have sent over 12,000 CAD ($8,836) for the said. The scheme goes as the fraudster calls the victims stating that their insurance number has been compromised and there were several fraud accusations against him.

The total damages lost to this scam goes over 21,000 CAD ($15,460). RCMP advised people to contact them immediately if they experience any of this fraudulent attempt at coercion or any suspicious phone calls asking them for money.

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