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Bitcoin can now be used in a new online gaming platform of ESPN

Hear y’all, gamers! ESPN Global is ready to pilot a block chain-fueled gaming platform soon!

A unique feature to add to the exciting world of gaming, this launch will pave the way for the competitors to credit and withdraw with just the ease use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, all will be done through Cryptopay.

With the use of this third-party provider, aka specialist, the process will be a lot simpler, swift, and secure.

Users can exercise preference in-game or join a group of participants to contend in real-time and be awarded based on the highest score.

Apart from this, some topline information also included premium membership wherein one can avail of the priority access to slots and early contact to the most popular games.

What’s more exciting, according to ESPN, is an integration of an online treasure hunt and Satoshi’s treasure with a $1M buck at stake. This prize will be split among 1,000 chosen winners.

In a statement last June, the UK-based company said the pre-launch would include an all-in-one crazy feast of games with crypto prizes for each player. Another aspect that blockchain technology will play is the decentralization of verification and support transactions within the platform.

According to an ESPN Global director named Mr. Chris Parker, the research done by 3EA Limited, a global strategic management consulting group, e-sports, and online gaming is going to $140 billion worth global industry with prevalent digital micro-transaction economies. He also added that this would benefit a lot from the truthfulness and resilience of the blockchain technology.

In plans of expansion, ESPN Global expects to roll out an initial exchange offering of its Smart Gaming Token (SGT) with the ERC-20 platform as a basis.

Parker also added that from the day they started operation, it has been giving airdrops of SGTs to all registered players as a simple free token.

Moreover, all players who lose money in any game or tournament will be compensated via SGT airdrops equivalent to the losses credited to their ERC wallets.

In terms of present valuation, SGT airdrop is $0.001, expected to increase with the growth of the gaming community.

The mobile e-sports unit in the UK falls under ESPN Global Corporation Ltd., which is a company based in Poland.

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