Bitcoin Investors Are Confident That Their Super-Crypto Will Be Higher In A Month – Survey

Bitcoin has sustained a strong rally since the lows had seen just a couple of weeks back. The prominent cryptocurrency currently trades for $13,050, far above the prior lows and higher the medium-term lows set during the September correction at $9,800.

A few may have debated that the cryptocurrency is seriously overbought. As published previously by CNWN, one trader lately remarked that the cryptocurrency’s one-day Fisher Transform indicator is currently at highs not seen since August, May, and February of this past year. As presented in the chart, each of the specified periods marked medium-term highs in Bitcoin’s price.

Chart of BTC’s price action over the past year with analysis by crypto trader Moe (@Moe_momentum_ on Twitter).

Source: BTCUSD from

Bitcoin Could Seriously Be Higher in a Month

Notwithstanding this pattern, analysts think that BItcoin will be amazingly higher in a month from now.

Real Vision, a leading financial media outlet followed by fund managers and retail investors globally, lately released its latest Real Vision Exchange Survey report. Members of the website are polled by Real Exchange to show how bullish or bearish the average user is on certain assets.

As it can be seen, most investors are incredibly bullish on Bitcoin and are expecting the asset to rally more than 5% in the month ahead:

“Most participants saw equities as well as the currencies (USD, EUR, AUD) heading slightly lower. U.S. and E.M. equities were a little bit better off than their European counterparts (at least fort the 1m horizon). Bond yields are expected to head lower as well. The view on Bitcoin is still very positive despite or maybe because of the recent rally. While Gold is also expected to increase, upside potential is expected to be lower (short term) compared to Bitcoin.”

Different poll indicated that 80% of all Real Vision users are long on Bitcoin at the moment. The platform has been covering the cryptocurrency for multiple years before showing up on the radar of many in the mainstream.

Fundamentals Propose This To Be The Case

Fundamentals designate that the cryptocurrency has room to move higher in the month ahead.

Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra, lately mentioned that he is increasing his exposure to Bitcoin as he sees the investment case for this asset continuing to grow:

“A few weeks ago, I increased my ownership of #Bitcoin significantly and it’s now 50% of my investment portfolio. Why? I believe #Bitcoin is the best investment opportunity in the world right now. There are three reasons I believe this to be true today…. Fundamentals, Technicals, and Sentiment.”

Several think that the next fiscal stimulus bill has the potential to drive BTC even higher as the market embraces a narrative of the U.S. dollar devaluing.

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