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Bitcoins and Pieces: It’s FriYAY Edition

Exchanges News

  • Nobuaki Kobayashi, the trustee leading the bankrupt Mt. Gox crypto exchange, has gained court approval further to delay the presentation of an official rehabilitation plan. As claimed from an official note, Kobayashi clarified that a department of the Tokyo District Court yesterday has given an order to push the deadline back to December 15 this year. Kobayashi said his team has “matters that require closer examination” to attend before a plan can eventually be put into place.
  • In supplement to the bitcoin (BTC) Euro pair, Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange (BSDX) said it has now presented trading of ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC), and XRP versus the euro. An alternative new aspect is moving ETH, LTC, and XRP from a private wallet to BSDEX.

Blockchain News and DLT

  • The Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science has labeled “blockchain developer” as a significant job in the coming decade. The ministry published an official statement outlining the post-it believes will be the most “in-demand” for 2021-2031, quoting research brought by digital transformation specialists based in Bonn, Germany. The division showed that industry 4.0 progress would dominate the globe of work over the next decade, reaching more employers in various fields to develop blockchain-powered products and services.
  •, the firm following the EOS blockchain, announced a new enterprise service suite to assist businesses in integrating blockchain-based answers into their services. The four fresh offers will influence’s performance-focused EOSIO program. They will integrate Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), 24/7 technical support, developer training, certification programs, and customizes consulting and advancement answers.
  • IOTA has stated the final Alpha release for IOTA Streams, a framework for offering clients control over the information collected from their IoT and connected devices. As reported in the emailed press release, the framework is intended to bring granular levels of data access and distributing abilities straight into associated devices, including a Smart Phone, IoT sensor, smart vehicle, or industrial IoT solutions. Data sharing can be incentivized, for example, by reduced toll rates, free public transit, and utility discounts for the home, while data can be sold through a data marketplace.


  • Australia’s central bank does not yet see the need to issue its own central bank digital currency (CBDC). Per Tony Richards, Head of Payments Policy at the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Bank’s view is that “the public policy case for issuing a general purpose or retail CBDC in Australia is still to be made,” and that “no strong public policy case has yet emerged for the introduction of a CBDC for general use,” given that the country already has a good payment network for individuals and corporations.

Regulation News

  • The New York Department of Financial Services announced its first-ever techsprint, an initiative to convene regulators and industry stakeholders to work towards a common goal of Digital Regulatory Reporting, which aims to give regulators instant access to data provided by firms under their supervision. The techsprint’s first area of focus is virtual currency companies.
  • The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority said that it published guidance setting out its position regarding the applicability of financial regulatory requirements to cryptoassets and tokens issued using Digital Ledger Technology.

Adoption News

  • Cross-border payments solutions firm Cambridge Global Payments has partnered with crypto payments network Ripple to deliver cross-border payment solutions to B2B customers, optimize payment delivery using Ripple’s global payments network RippleNet, and reach into the Asia-Pacific region, said the press release.
  • (CRO), an app for buying, spending, and earning crypto, has surpassed 5m users. Per the announcement, this milestone comes three months after the app reached the 3m user mark, while the platform saw the growth from 1m to over 5m users in a year. Their longer-term strategic goal is to get 100m users in the ecosystem within five years and 15m by the end of 2021.

M&A News

  • Norway’s Arcane Crypto has accepted on a deal worth USD 3.3m to acquire Kaupang Krypto, a three-year-old crypto exchange founded by five college friends and recognized by the regulatory Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. Arcane Crypto, which operates subsidiary firms such as Arcane Research, a crypto payment platform and the Arcane Assets fund, said that it was stumping up an initial USD 107,000 as an upfront fee, with a further USD 2m to follow in share issuances for Vertical Ventures, a Nasdaq First (Stockholm)-listed company.
  • Security token firm Securitize has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Distributed Technology Markets, a broker-dealer, and an alternative trading system registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. As part of the acquisition, Securitize will also acquire Velocity Platform, a money services business with money transmitter licenses in several states. The terms of the transaction are not being disclosed.

Wallet News

  • SatoshiLabs, the Trezor hardware wallet maker, said that they’re introducing a new product, a desktop app called Trezor Suite, now in public beta and ready to download and test. Trezor Suite is an ecosystem of utilities and a new workspace where users can manage their hardware wallets and portfolio.
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