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Blackberry and Intel, fight against cybervirus; launches app

When it comes to malware, it seems that the software company Blackberry and tech giant Intel have teamed up to fight against a malware related to crypto mining.

With the rise of cryptojacking, a term where installation of malware from a nasty third-party hijack one’s device without the user’s consent, BB and Intel gave birth to a detection too that was inserted inside the latter’s commercial computers.

Some effects of the coin mining malware include slowing down the infected machines, shoots up electricity costs, and damaging hardware.

With this kind of problem and the premise to combat them, the BlackBerry Optics Context Analysis Engine is introduced. This tool uses unique processor systems coming from the Threat Detection Technology of Intel with the support of other machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a superpower antidote against the virus brought by the crytojackers.

It also intentionally slows down processes that has the tendency to be an Achilles heel for these cybercriminals

One recent incited saw some hijacking of supercomputers who are working on research to battle COVID 19. The reason of the incident? All for crypto mining!

The hijackers were able to enter via stolen SSH (remote access) credentials and were immediately found out by the Intel, thus requiring a shutdown.

Some big companies like IBM, LinkedIn, and eBay were also affected thru a malfunction in their tool Salt earlier this year.

Over the last year, this kind of cybercrime affected as much as 20,000 routers in one case and crept down even to Android and browsers.

But topping the cake with this newfound working of BlackBerry Optics/Intel TDT collaboration is its hardware-bound security that functions even less than OS to secure computers at the firmware scale.

While cryptojacking may remain mysterious and works just an ordinary cyber malware, this is a leap of solutions to companies that store big data and digital assets.

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