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Blockchain Powered Energy Plant under Construction

TYMLEZ has recently set out to equip the town of Tyalgum in New South Wales with green energy powered by blockchain. But it turns out they aren’t the only blockchain savvy fans of green energy in the area.

New Zealand’s Biggest Solar Power Plant

Kea Energy has started working on the construction of the giant solar power plant in New Zealand. It began on the 2.5 MW future power plant in Marlborough. This new power plant will have an advantage for it is in a sunny area that produces about 4500 MW of electricity – enough to power around 550 households all year.

To build the new power plant, Kea Energy paired up with solar panel manufacturer Yingli Solar Australia.

Yingli Solar Australia had accepted part of the payment for their solar panels in Bitcoin.

The managing director of Yingli Solar Australia, Tim Feng, stated that although New Zealand derived 80% of its energy from environmentally-friendly energy, his company is glad to be of help so that New Zealand may reach their target of 90% green energy production by 2025.

“Economic savings for solar systems are highly predictable and proven by financial modeling. New Zealand has 80 percent of its electricity supplied by clean energy. However, we will need to work closely with our partners to achieve the government’s target of 90 percent of electricity to be sourced from renewables by 2025.”

Kea Energy continued their pride in being the pioneer company in New Zealand to install a large-scale solar farm and their excitement to explore innovative payment solutions with creative partners.

“We are proud to be the first company in New Zealand to install a multi-MW solar farm. Our team will be executing the entire project including design, financial procurement, and installation as well as managing the grid connection process. It’s good to work with a company as innovative as Yingli Solar who is willing to look at payment transactions such as Bitcoin.”

The electricity manufactured by the solar farm will help power the local grid, reducing the environmental impact of energy ingestion.

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