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Blue Sky Project: How is it?

A year ago, Jack Dorsey announced the launch of Blue Sky, a social network protocol used to decentralize Twitter.

The directive is meek: Dorsey asked a team of five individuals to “either find an existing decentralized standard they can help move forward, or failing that, create one from scratch.”

Twitter’s still on the Blue Sky.

Blue Sky‘s Twitter handle was last updated last April 2020, and the last tweet was in March when it reported that the team is “hoping to put together a decentralization ecosystem review and may reach out to people and projects in the space. Recommendations are welcome!”

The decentralized form of Twitter isn’t happening soon.

Former President Trump’s Twitter has been a victim of a notorious hack where the accounts of notable billionaires and politicians like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Joe Biden were commandeered. The scammers have used the statement to solicit Bitcoin. The scandal caused the Internet to doubt Twitter’s “God-Mode” Security and also Bitcoin’s Legitimacy.

There has been sarcasm in that ever since Jack reportedly holds and only Bitcoin. Dorsey’s payment company, Square, had created a program named Square Crypto that funds research related to the Bitcoin protocol. Square’s CashApp has ramped thousands of Americans to the crypto world with the lowest fees.

What happens if Bitcoin precedes Twitter?

It is no doubt that Dorsey wants to push forward the decentralization of the modern Internet. Twitter has gotten big to face centralized enforcement from the global policy-makers in an ongoing ethical and political debate on content hosting, moderation, and censorship.

In a creative side, Orange Paper, in an attempt to decentralize Twitter from the get-go, Dorsey has adopted Bitcoin’s crypto-economics where the network monetization is done via participation.

Orange Paper thinks that Twitter won’t merely be a platform powered by APIs; however, it would be an open protocol that anyone can build upon. An immediate benefit of that protocol is among the social networks. Any Facebook user can tag, follow, or reply to any Twitter user in that faultless world without switching their networks.

This is where Bitcoin will hit a home run. Bitcoin’s early adopters have been able to buy the new digital currency for changes. At the same time, Twitter’s early usage can be rewarded by using and evangelizing the protocol. If the protocol advances momentum and more people are joining in, their share will increase in value, incentivizing more people to join.

It is where a payment network combines with a social network. All electronic money and social networking seemed to be necessities and public utilities of human society. It is difficult to commercialize, but it needs to serve a public social function.

Aside from that, a significant hurdle for some social networks to launch is the network effect. Twitter already achieved it. Now is the time to correct the path and take millions of users to the blue sky again.

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