Chainlink’s New Partnership Combats Global $19B Fraud

Theta Labs, a decentralized video platform, is recently collaborating with Chainlink to battle the estimated $19B global issue of the online video ad fraud, this is according to a recent release.

Battling ad fraud

From their website, Theta is a decentralized video delivery network that has its blockchain that is mainly designed for incentivizing the share of bandwidth.

The firm is noting that today’s content delivery networks (CDN) lack reach; this causes the video to re-buff and then high load times in many parts of the world. Skyrocketing the data needs means that users are demanding 4k, 8k, and higher quality streams the create infrastructure bottleneck.

However, centralized nature means less revenue that flows back to content creators and platforms. Additionally, the massive presence of click-farms and bots means malicious content creators to manipulate the data on their benefit.

Reports show that it is an international issue and is set to grow to over $44B by 2022, as estimated, lest firms and regulations stop the problem.

But Theta has a solution. The brand’s new partnership with Chainlink will be the first blockchain-based approach to reduce digital ad fraud and increase the effectiveness of each ad dollar spent.

However, Theta has a solution. Their new partnership with Chainlink will be the first blockchain-based approach that will reduce the digital ad fraud and increase the efficiency of each ad dollar spent.

The solution, which is recently live on TestNet, uses Google’s Big Data solution, BigQuery, to process the video performance that the data generated on the Theta Network and then create a reputation score for each streamer basing on their viewership, as the release has noted.

Chainlink Oracles’ Help

The chainlink oracles then have broadcasted the reputation scores to the Ethereum blockchain. They are stacked as immutable records for online advertisers to refer to when deciding where to allocate the capital.

For the inexperienced, oracles are a third-party service that fetched the data from “outside” a blockchain to within. This is also necessary for blockchains are only a store of value and cannot verify the legitimacy of the input data; this means that while blockchain may indefinitely store data, it may not necessarily be true.

Theta is included in a long list of crypto companies this year to choose Chainlink’s oracle services. The latter has announced the newer partnerships and onboarding for the oracles tools every other day; then, the adoption doesn’t seem to be delayed soon.

The Chainlink “Linkies” are questionably exhilarated.

Currently ranked #8 by the market cap, Chainlink is up 12.96% over the last 24 hours. A link has a market cap of $3.46B in a 24-hour volume of $2.2B.

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