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China’s Digital Wallet will soon be utilized by State-Owned Local Banks

China’s major state-run banks are examining its central bank digital currency (CBDC) digital wallet application. The Chinese central bank has said that its CBDC, also recognized as digital currency electronic payment (DCEP), is “almost ready,” is certainly going a step closer to its formal launch nationwide.

According to Wang Zongmin, a previous deputy chairman of the Social Security Fund Council, the CBDC plan has been established to have achieved all backend improvements.

Employees in Chinese state-run commercial banks have commenced privately testing the digital wallet application for transferring money and payment activities. The Chinese central bank has earlier urged the hastening of its CBDC, for a push on its digital marketplace.

China’s digital yuan, as revealed by the Director-General of the Institute of Digital Currency at the central bank, is a two-tiered system that will soon be substituting M0, Chinese yuan fiat in circulation.

Although China’s central bank governor Yi Gang has said that there is no specific timeframe for the announcement of the CBDC, the design has made a range of improvements that will fast track it’s final launching. Wang understands the digital currency will offer a new setup in three aspects.

Wang Yongli, the former Chinese banker, recommended that a push for digital currencies to replace all currencies is needed to support monetary process reforms.

He added that China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC), also known as its digital currency electronic payment (DCEP), should begin with replacing cash in circulation, M0, but should not be confined to just this exchange.

The PBoC beforehand partnered with seven state-owned organizations to roll out the pilot test of the DCEP. The pilot program intended to focus first on industries including transportation, education, commerce, and healthcare.

The pilot program in Shenzhen was aimed to be carried out in two phases, including a small-scale testing period, before the DCEP would be widely publicized this year.

Multinational conglomerate Tencent-backed platform Meituan has been having negotiations with the central bank’s CBDC research wing. It was also earlier reported that the Chinese transportation platform Didi Chuxing and the PBoC have reached an agreement to explore and expand the use of digital yuan in the transportation business.

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