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Cuban Owns This Much Dogecoins

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban just announced how many dogecoins he purchased with his son — and it’s over 3,000, as claimed by Business Insider.

Just exactly how many Dogecoins does Mark Cuban own?

Cuban declared that he owns 3,250 Dogecoins, which he purchased with his son, Jake.

The Dallas Mavericks owner indicated that he acquires a stack of Dogecoins from sales for the Dallas Mavericks, which enables folks to buy merchandise using dogecoins. He tweeted that,


Cuban disclosed the Dogecoin he owns after describing that Dogecoin could be prosperous with more demand.

If the 3,250 number is authentic; Cuban has about $1,560 worth of Dogecoin since each coin is valued at around $0.48 right now.

Why did Cuban buy dogecoins?

Cuban told Ellen DeGeneres in an episode of the “Ellen” show that Dogecoin helped his son learn about trading. He said he invested in Dogecoin because it is better than playing the lottery.

Why Dogecoin is evolving in real-time

  • Cuban stated that “So the question everyone wants to know, is Dogecoin a good investment? And here’s the reason I got Jake into it. It’s not necessarily the best investment you can make, but you can buy it on Robinhood, and signing up and trading on Robinhood is free. So that’s one thing.”
  • He further added, “The second thing is it’s about 26 cents per Dogecoin. So if you go and spend $5, $10, $15, that’s a better investment than buying a lottery ticket. And you know what? It could go up. It’s also becoming a digital currency, which is crazy if you think back to its origins.”

What is the future of Dogecoin?

Cuban said earlier this week that Dogecoin could succeed long-term if there is more education about cryptocurrency made available to the public.

“Like all generational technologies, it takes a generation to grow up. Crypto is in the phase where users need to be educated and products and services need to be sold and deliver on their initial promises. Then, Crypto can mature to the point we wondered how we ever lived without,” he said.

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