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Dark Web can now be browsed by Privacy Browser Brave

Brave, a crypto-friendly web browser, has announced today regarding integration with the privacy-first gateway to the dark web, Tor: it has made the Brave pages accessible from the dark web.

Tor is a browser that lets user access .onion links. This is also called the dark web, wherein black markets are filled with the best illegal drugs that can be bought using Bitcoins. However, the dark web isn’t just about black markets and Bitcoin; it is also used by activists, researchers, and journalists from other parts of the world with restrictive internet policies. Tor is also able to do this by bouncing the search requests surrounding many relays, set up worldwide, to protect the user’s identity.

Brave, Google Chrome’s competitor, has integrated Tor into its browser ever since 2018. It also runs some of the relays. Today, it has been announced that Brave websites have been put up on the dark web – then Ben Kero, the DevOps Engineer at Brave, has produced a handy guide elaborating how to do it.

Brave has its own Tor address, and it means that all of Brave’s websites are accessible straight from the dark web. Instead of, the address will be Brave.onion. This site protects the users’ metadata, such as its whereabouts.

Here’s how Kero did the process:

Firstly, the ‘mined” an address thru the onion network to create a private key thru expanding computational resources. Brave has also used a mid-range graphics card, a GTX1080, for it to be successful. It took the team to process it for 15 minutes.

After that, they got a .onion address, also a private key “that allows us to advertise we are ready and able to receive traffic sent to this address,” stated Kero.

When the address’s mining is booming, Brave has booted up the Enterprise Onion Toolkit, letting the people proxy traffic to the regular domains on

After it was done, the team has set up an SSL certificate, where it will certify that the domains are secured and the information sent to them was encrypted.

Brave is not a stranger to privacy-first technology. It is a crypto-friendly browser that rewards people with crypto for watching advertisements. It also cites the content creators. With this, it takes on Google, which sells a user’s data to other people.

The company came under fire to create the donation pages for content creators who have never signed up for the platform and then steal the money. It has also drawn criticism in June when the firm has redirected the searches to top the cryptocurrency exchange to connect links.

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