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DeFi100 Went Down; Hacked, Not Rug-Pulled

DeFi100 is down, they claimed that they were hacked, and not rug-pulled.

DeFi100 or D100, a project that deals with virtual assets, is currently down.

As of now, the DeFi project’s website displays a “404 – Not Found” message.


It is not yet clear if D100 has gone down because of a hack. Some are also thinking that the project has made a rug-pull. A rug-pull is an exit scam that is made by becoming intentionally unavailable, vanishing with all of the funds.

Around $32 Million Vanished

Like the other times where DeFi projects have been messed with, some bad actors accompanied their misdeed with taunts. CryptoWhale shared the news on Twitter, calculating around $32 million in investor funds have been depleted.

The D100 team instead says that they have been hacked. The malicious actors left a message but now has been taken down.

They also revealed in public that the rumors about rug-pulling are not true and they are trying to bring D100 back up and running.

This is not the first time that a DeFi project suffered this similar situation. However, these claims are now being treated with heightened suspicion by Twitter users, with many arguing that this is just a cover-up before a bigger heist is going to be pulled off.

A Simple Reminder – DYOR

Even if the project stole the funds or just experienced an attack by malicious actors, the website is still down and D100’s price dropped by around 50%, it is now being traded around $0.062.

The similar analyst who revealed the news also reminded everyone to be watchful of suspicious projects with anonymous details, particularly during the periods of bear market. This might make the malicious players pack up and go home. And before anything else, Do Your Own Research.’

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