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Donald Trump blames China for spreading Coronavirus and claims Joe Biden would be ‘owned by China’

August 28, 2020

U.S. President Donald Trump made remarks about China when organizing a principle of his Republican convention speech last Thursday. He accuses the Asian country of letting Coronavirus to spread all over the world while claiming that Joe Biden would be obliged to the rising power.

The U.S. president repeatedly referenced the ‘China Virus’ when he talked about the disease, spiked references to China during his hour-long address at the White House, and criticized Biden for supporting trade regulation he branded as a giveaway of American jobs. Many people ponder the term an insult.

Trump said in one of several references to the pandemic in Thursday’s programming:

‘In recent months, our nation, and the rest of the world, has been hit with a once-in-a-century pandemic that China allowed to spread around the globe,’

‘When the China Virus hit, we launched the largest national mobilization since World War II,’ Trump added, flaunting his control of the pandemic has had a reel of convention speakers. However, the number of infected Americans is already approaching 6 million.

He told 1,500 cheering supporters at the White House:

‘We will go right after China. We will not rely on them one bit.’

Trump appealed that Biden’s ‘agenda is made in China,’ further adding: ‘My agenda is made in the USA.’

Emphasizing the concentration on the issue, the word ‘China’ was mentioned 15 times during his remarks.

Trump intoned: ‘He oversaw the rise of ISIS, and cheered the rise of China as “a positive development” for America and the world. That’s why China supports Joe Biden and desperately wants him to win,’

‘I can tell you that upon very good information,’ Trump appeared to ad-lib.

Biden did comment, at a summit in 2011 at the White House opening ‘U.S.-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue.’

As a part of an administration effort to find areas of cooperation with China, the emerging power the U.S. faced off on zones of trade, surveillance, and regional power plays, they try to nudge it more into the community’s major powers.

Biden said:

‘As a young member of a Foreign Relations Committee, I wrote and I said and I believed then what I believe now: That a rising China is a positive, positive development, not only for China but for America and the world writ large,’

Trump got his reference to China wanting a Biden win from a recent U.S. intelligence assessment.

The assessment stated:

“We assess that China prefers that President Trump — whom Beijing sees as unpredictable — does not win re-election.”

The similar Intel report said Russia was vigorously working to ‘denigrate’ Biden.

‘China would own our country if Joe Biden got elected,’ Trump appealed.

In an earlier speech by ultra-loyalist Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, he said that China ‘was rooting for Joe Biden.’ This is where Trump’s China pitch was reinforced.

Trump termed Biden’s 47-year record a ‘shameful roll call of the most catastrophic betrayals and blunders in our lifetime.’

He flaunted his provision for NAFTA and transported China into the World Trade Organization, which he named a tragedy. At some point, Trump secured his China theme to occurrences of Biden touching or folks in public who then said it made them feel uncomfortable.

‘For 47 years, Joe Biden took the donations of blue collar workers, gave them hugs and even kisses, and told them he felt their pain – and then he flew back to Washington and voted to ship their jobs to China and many other distant lands,’ Trump said, attempting to get the shine off some of the Biden empathy assembled at his convention.

‘Joe Biden spent his entire career outsourcing the dreams of American Workers, offshoring their jobs, opening their borders, and sending their sons and daughters to fight in endless foreign wars,’ he said.

On the other hand, Biden hits back with a sequence of tweets; this includes one about the Coronavirus.

‘From the moment COVID-19 emerged, President Trump downplayed the threat it posed, refused to listen to the experts, and failed to take action to contain its spread. Now, we’re paying the price,’ he wrote on his tweet.

Trump also criticized China during the 2016 presidential campaign. He then schemed the U.S. into an elongated trade war. The U.S. and China eventually settled for a ‘Phase One’ deal where China approved to buy billions in U.S. products.

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