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Elon Musk’s Birthday Revealed!

An anonymous Dogecoin billionaire revealed Elon Musk’s birthday in transactions.

A peculiar message is encoded in one billionaire’s Dogecoin wallet. A Dogecoin wallet that is holding almost $3 billion of the coin spent much of yesterday purchasing the numeric equivalent of Elon Musk’s birth date.

As it has been picked up on Reddit, whose owner holds $2.8 billion of the coin, or 36.8 billion Dogecoin, and is the biggest bag holder on the network, placed 20 transactions for 28.061971 DOGE yesterday.

There is no coincidence that this looks like the day Elon Musk was born: 28th June 1971.

The account holder’s identity is still a mystery – it could be the hidden account of billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and it could also be a very big fan of Musk – or just someone with a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

Musk was the one-time “CEO” of Dogecoin and, maybe unintentionally, pumps the coin on Twitter with increasing regularity. He tweeted today that he “bought some Dogecoin for lil X (his 0-year old son, X Æ A-12), so he can be a toddler hodler.” That too had pumped the price of the coin; this time around 15%.

The anonymous whale account holder has since placed many dozen transactions for Dogecoin that translated into binary code. But it is hard to decipher their meanings.

The account holder began buying up Dogecoin two years ago. Depending on when the mysterious Dogecoin collector started snapping up the coin, the Dogecoin could be snapped up for as low as $0.002.

If the holder bought all of their current balance way back then, they’d have spent just $75 million for their haul.

Two days ago, Dogecoin hit an all-time high of $0.084895, and it has increased by 753% in the previous month. The coin is a so-called meme coin, based on a Shiba Inu dog.

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