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Ethereum Mining Rig Discovered In Seoul’s Opera House

An employee at South Korea’s most renowned arts center and opera house – the Seoul Arts Center, in the well-to-do south-central part of the capital, has been stealthily mining Ethereum (ETH) in a basement room. He was found using the center’s electric power.

Stealthy Mining Operation?

According to Hangook Ilbo and YTN, the anonymous employee of the center’s staff (likely a civil servant) was suspended for two months.

Employees supervising a routine inspection of a little-used basement room beneath the center’s Calligraphic Art Museum. Authorities found two ETH mining rigs fitted with sophisticated graphics cards connected to power outlets.

The anonymous miner, aged in his thirties, alleged he had several mining rigs at his home. According to the employee, he brought the rigs to work to “store them”. He confessed to getting the devices to the site in October 2020. He assumed that the area was doubtful to be checked. But when crypto prices began to rise in November, he chose to connect them to the center’s power network; aware that very few people ever ventured underneath the building. Although, he claimed he had tethered the devices to his mobile phone than using the center’s internet connections.

He admitted to using a group of unused monitors from his office as part of the mining setup.

Seoul Arts Center (SAC) is the representative arts complex to which nearly 2 million users visit every year in Korea | Source Image: BFPA

Ethereum Mining Verdict?

The center gathered that he had used the rigs for just less than 50 days. During this time, he had used just under USD 275 worth of electricity and mined some USD 575 worth of tokens. As a result, aside from the suspension, he was required to reimburse the electricity costs. The management also censured his direct supervisor for neglecting to learn what their team member had been up to.

The media outlets cited a Seoul Arts Center representative saying that the employee had not been handed over to the police. Instead, he had quickly been anticipated with a frank confession. The representative concluded:

“We did not press criminal charges in this instance, but we handed out the strictest punishments possible according to our internal regulations.”

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