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Ethereum Tokens Rewarded to Frenzied Casual Gamers

Crypto comes for casual mobile gamers.

GAMEE is a platform for “hyper casual” games that are straightforward games designed for a quick play session, instead of those that require lengthy time-frame or feature significant complexity. Soon, GAMEE will now have its Ethereum-based token for the users to be rewarded when they are playing.

Animoca Brands, which acquired GAMEE in summer this year and now is very active in the crypto gaming space, has announced today that it will launch GAMEE token when the end of the year comes. The GAMEE Token will then be used to reward the engagement and online competition, and then will also reward the creators who will publish the games on the HTML5-based web app gaming platform.

Hyper casual games have been dominating the mobile download charts as of now, the mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower reporting that 77.6% of the 2.1B total game downloads for across 2019’s 20 most popular new mobile games that belonged to hyper-casual experiences. Simple-looking, frank games like Fun Race 3D and the Sand Balls are impressive the hundreds of millions of download on mobile and are further loaded up with ads and voluntary in-game purchases.

They are the sort of games that can be highly addictive – and possibly all the more addictive once the crypto gets into the mix.

GAMEE Token is a fungible, ERC-20 token, and outside the planned reward functionality, it can also be used to pay fees on the tournament entries and will also be then used for the governance voting. GAMEE is also working on a non-fungible token system that unlocks additional content and will boost in the supported games, with the users able to spend their GAMEE Tokens on the GAMEE NFTs.

A release states that GAMEE has more than 80- games on the platform that is playable across the web browsers and the native iOS and Android Apps. The platform has more than 20M registered users and 40M play sessions per month, with users that split near-evenly across the website and mobile apps. GAMEE had also developed games in collaboration with brands like Cartoon Network, Manchester City Football Club, and NASA.

Animoca Brands plans to launch and list the GAMEE Token by the end of the year, with 254,400,000 tokens to be sold in a private pre-sale before the end of October. Another 30,528,000 tokens will be distributed to GAMEE users and used for promotional giveaways.

Also, the owners of Animoca Brands’ REVV Token can earn GAMEE tokens by adding liquidity on Uniswap to a REVV-ETH pool. The promotion runs from today through the 12th of November.

Animoca is also a parent company behind the imminent blockchain game The Sandbox. It has also publicized the plans to transport the popular Star Girl mobile game to the blockchain as well. Animoca brands also partnered with Atari to be the exclusive blockchain content benefactor for the new VCS game console, and it will also publish crypto-infused versions of the classic Atari games.

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