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Free Bitcoin Offer From TikTok Sensation

Free Bitcoin offered from a TikTok sensation? Yes, you heard it right. Famous TikToker Loren Grey shared with her legions of fans a look at how she’s investing her cash; to go the extra mile with a new Instagram post on Tuesday.

Grey owns 52.4million followers on the video platform. She resembled a teen dream as she struck a pose in her front room; told folks about her latest interest: cryptocurrency.

Providing fans a chance to learn along with her. This 19-year-old beauty promoted she’d be giving out $10 in Bitcoin in partnership with Gemini’s cryptocurrency platform.

free bitcoin
The future: Famous TikToker Loren Grey looked fashionable as she proposed to her fans $10 of Bitcoin (BTC) via the Gemini app in her latest Instagram post

Loren was easygoing and adorable, wearing a black crop top and baggy 90s-style jeans as she made a peace sign with one hand and held her phone in another, playing around with the Gemini app.

And in her caption, she made fans a tempting proposal that no one can resist. The blond beauty explained,

‘Hiii i’ve been learning a ton about cryptocurrency recently using @gemini! So we decided to partner up to help my fans get started on investing.’

She continued, letting everyone know how people could quickly earn ’10 free dollars in Bitcoin’ for downloading the Gemini app. Billionaire entrepreneurs Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss founded the Gemini app.

Gemini is a place to trade a range of cryptocurrencies simply, releasably, and securely.

free bitcoin
Cha-ching! Grey, who has over 52.4 million followers, looked great as she played around with the Gemini app in her front room 

Loren joining the world of crypto lands her in an A-list crypto-community.

Famous Personalities Joining the Bitcoin Bandwagon

A couple of months back, Elon Musk snagged $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin through his company Tesla, Inc., which stated it would also accept bitcoin as payment for its production.

And after that, Twitter billionaire Jack Dorsey’s Square Inc. acquired $170 million worth of BTC.

Lala Anthony, Kim Kardashian’s BFF and Power star, has joined the fun, revealing her new craving for investing online last month.

Gemini’s parent company owns Nifty Gateway, an exchange for the art world’s latest craze: non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Celebrities and famous stars like The Weeknd, Halsey, Zedd, ASAP Rocky, and Calvin Harris have invested in cutting-edge digital assets, changing the way art is being sold.

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