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Google Shuts Down charged Chrome Extensions

Today, Google announced that the company is shutting down charged Chrome Extensions offered on the Chrome Web Store. This means that developers who try to monetize their extensions will have to do so with other payment-handling systems.

Since Monday, developers can no longer make new paid extensions, according to Google – through the strengthening of the policy that has been taking place since March. And that policy also follows a temporary suspension of publishing paid extensions in January after Google has noticed an uptick in fraudulent transactions that “aim[ed] to exploit users.”

Google will now progressively phase out other functionality for over the coming months. On February 1st, Google says that existing extensions can no longer charge customers through the Chrome Web Store’s Payments system.

Aside from this, there are also notable changes in the extensions that Google has made this year. The company has rolled out several policy updates in April, and they have intended to reduce spammy wings, this includes banning multiple extensions that do the similar thing, and not allowing developers to manipulate reviews to try and get a better replacement for their branch, and lastly, forbidding extensions that abuse the notifications.

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